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Our expert team strategically selects the best and most suitable professionals to join your team.

Recruitment & Selection

Global Talent Supply provides a comprehensive recruitment and selection service, using our extensive database and network of industry professionals to identify and attract top talent for our clients. Our experience ranges from entry-level to C-Level positions.

We are 360 consultants, which means that we take care of the entire process, from the job description assessment, to the signing of the offer letter and candidate onboarding.

All consultants have professional experience within the industry they recruit for. This allows for a deep and detailed understanding of the vacancy and the evaluation of candidates, both in technical skills and personal competencies.

Psychometric Assessments

Everything you need to know.

We offer a range of psychometric assessments to help our clients gain valuable insight into the skills, strengths, and potential of their employees and job candidates. These assessments can help clients make more informed hiring and promotion decisions, and can also be used to support employee development and training.

Organizational Consulting

Our team of consultants has extensive experience in helping clients improve their business operations, streamline processes, and enhance their overall performance. We work closely with clients to identify areas for improvement and provide tailored recommendations and strategies to achieve their goals.

Our service is backed by our consultants’ first-hand experience in the industries we recruit for. This allows us to not only understand the specific needs and challenges of our clients but also analyze and compare organizational structures at a global level to gather the best practices.

Benchmarks and Taylor-made Studies

Our headhunter provides benchmarking and customized studies to help clients gain insight into industry trends, best practices, and benchmarks for performance. These studies can help clients make informed decisions and optimize their business operations to achieve their goals.

In addition to tailoy-made studies, we also offer benchmarking of salaries and organizational structures.

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